Our Performance Metrics

  • Time to present 1st slate of Qualified Candidates: 17 days
  • Candidates interviewed/Candidates Presented: 52%
  • Time to Hire: 78 days
  • Offer Acceptance Rate: 92%
  • 2nd Year Attrition Rate: 12%
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Our Proven Recruiting Process

Understanding Our Corporate Client’s Needs & Engagement With Client
This is the most essential phase of the search engagement - we must understand our Client’s corporate culture and needs. Once we have a clear understanding of our Client’s needs/requirements, we send our Client a simple, clear two (2) page search Engagement Agreement for review and approval.

Position Profile
After we conduct a detailed meeting with our Client and obtain relevant documents from our Client, we incorporate our Client’s needs/requirements into a comprehensive document called a “Position Profile” and, with our Client’s help, we develop additional persuasive information that will aid in the recruitment of passive and highly sought after top-tier candidates.

Candidate Identification and Our Commitments to Clients
After a Position Profile has been approved by our Client, we create a targeted list of the most qualified potential candidates using our proprietary database of quality candidates and various research tools. We are committed to limiting the number of Clients in an industry niche to guarantee each Client access to 95% or more of the talent pool. Also, we seek to limit the number of active search engagements being performed, so a Client’s needs receive the focus and attention required. The Partners of MD PhD Executive Search do not delegate any of the critical recruitment activities to others.

Presentation of Candidates
Our Presentation of Candidates process is a two-step process. First, approximately 2 weeks after we have an approved Position Profile and additional persuasive information from our Client, we present an initial Calibration Call Slate of Candidates for discussion with our Client with the goal of ensuring we are “on the right track” in identifying quality candidates. A calibration call is needed because, regardless of how ideal communications and information appear to be up to that point, we have found it important to “test the hypothesis” by presenting “real” candidates (along with their resumes and other pertinent information) early in the process to ensure the Calibration Slate is in actual alignment with our Client’s expectations. If there are any “tweaks” or adjustments to be made to the Position Profile or other aspects associated with the search, we can do so at this time without unduly delaying the timeline. Our experience is that usually several Calibration Slate candidates represent an excellent match, and our Client wants to interview them, so we assist in the scheduling of the candidate interviews with our Client. In parallel, and as our second step, we continue to communicate with and assess additional candidates and, within 2-4 weeks after the Calibration Call, we complete the Candidate Presentation phase of the search. Note – although at some point it becomes counter-productive to continue to present qualified candidates because it delays the process and the early candidates have a high chance of withdrawing from the process, we do continue to identify and have initial conversations with qualified candidates who can act as “back-ups” in case they are needed.

Process and Debrief
Prior to presenting candidates to Clients, our Partners assess not only if the candidate is a good match for the opportunity, but also the candidate’s motivation for making a change and if the candidate is genuinely interested in the opportunity. After a presented candidate is interviewed by our Client, we continue to communicate with the candidate regarding the many steps and details involved in ensuring a successful placement.

Test and Present Offer
After the top candidate is selected and an offer of employment is imminent, we ensure that this lead candidate is fully committed to our Client’s opportunity, since an “A” Candidate typically has several career options available, including staying with his/her current employer. As is imperative, we work with our Client to ensure the offer is presented effectively and successfully, and that proper contingency plans are in place and the next steps are clearly defined. When our Client is ready to present an employment offer, we ensure that a large expectations gap does not exist and the candidate’s interest level has not waned. Normally, we present the offer verbally to the candidate and “iron out any rough edges” before a formal, written offer is made by our Client. During this sensitive and tenuous phase, we are in frequent contact with candidate and Client so that any issues or concerns can be swiftly and delicately managed. We also provide guidance to candidate and Client regarding counteroffers, start dates, onboarding, resignation letters, and other critical elements of the final stages of the search. The Partners of MD PhD Executive Search do not delegate any of the critical recruitment activities to others.

Reference/background Checks, Resignation Consultation, and Post-Placement Activities
We work with our Client to ensure that reference and background checks are properly completed. Other critical steps we work with the Client and candidate to address are:
Resignation Consultation: Resignation can be a very stressful and harrowing experience for candidates. It is important that we coach and work with the candidate during this delicate period, especially since current employer counter-offers are commonplace in this “candidate-driven” environment.

Post-Placement Follow Up
Before the candidate’s start date, during the early phase of employment with our Client, and for months after the candidate’s date of hire, we find that it is important to follow up with both our Client and the newly hired candidate to ensure that things are progressing satisfactorily. It is important that an effective onboarding program be established with our Client and that, if any “issues” surface, they be dealt with swiftly.

Regretting/Releasing Other Candidates
We recommend there always be contingency plans in place for a search engagement. At the appropriate time and on behalf of our Client, MD PhD Executive Search will notify any other candidates who were in consideration for the position, and thank them for their interest, and tactfully and sensitively let them know that the position has been filled.
Our process timeline may differ, due to many variables; however, most delays develop during the Client-Candidate(s) interview stage, since it is often difficult to “dovetail” the busy and hectic schedules of the client interview team and those of a senior-level candidate, particularly since most candidates do not want to jeopardize their current employment relationship or performance. Therefore, we work with our Clients to facilitate and streamline things as much as possible, without compromising the rigor and thoroughness of the selection process. Our average completion timeline is 75 days from initiation until a candidate is selected and accepts an offer of employment.